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HK Forums, Mark II

M_Belanger a posted May 29, 18

Greetings, everyone!

Once upon a time, House Kheperu hosted a lively virtual meeting space where people of diverse backgrounds gathered to discuss, debate, and theorize about metaphysical topics including energy work, reincarnation, psychic experiences, and spirit communication. Forum technology at the time meant that our moderators had a full-time job just policing bots and spam, and it became a soul-sucking task. But, as exhausted as the back-end of the forums left us, we still missed the dialogue and participation from so many fascinating perspectives. A lot of great ideas came out of those forums, and we'd like to start things up again.

Welcome to Enjin - a platform familiar to gamers. It's eye-catching, simple to use, and - best of all - takes care of the bots, spammers, and other nonsense all on its own. That means that our House Members, Admins, and Moderators can focus on what these forums are here for: communication, education, and idea exchange. Here we can create and maintain a safe and inclusive space for people who share our interests and want to learn more about what House Kheperu practices and believes.

If you've ever attended our yearly HK Gather, think of this as an online version of the hospitality suite, where people can socialize, share experiences, and exchange ideas. All you have to do is make an ID on Enjin, agree to follow the forum rules, and then start posting. It's as simple as writing an email. Enjin also has an app for use on your phone, which allows you to read & post remotely. (NOTE: when making an ID, look for the "sign up" link in the top right corner of the Enjin.com page. When you come back to this page, look in the same place for the "join forum" link).

Other perks of the Enjin site: there is a live chat as well as a shout box (think of it as a quickchat, where you can post short comments). These are part of the paid version and, while we do not require anyone to pay to participate here, there is an option to pay into the site's subscription to keep some of the extras like the shout box going.

So, sign up, read the rules, and dive in. We can't wait to hear from you!

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Have a great 2019, everyone!
Happy Holidays
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